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There are many ways to help me continue my work. If you think the world will be better off with more of my writing and research available to the public, or if you just want to reward those scholars and philosophers you like or value, here is what you can do:

The easiest way to help is to purchase my books (especially from my Bookstore or audio and ebook editions) or products (at Richard Carrier's Marvelous Amusements and Richard Carrier Games). Or recommend them to others.

[2]Or buy any books & videos at my Richard Carrier Recommends Amazon store, which lists my top recommendations in several categories. I get a commission on all sales there.

[3]If you'd just like to send a gift, then send something from my Amazon Wishlist (as many fans have done).

[4]If you want to send a gift of money with no strings attached (as some fans have done), then send it to my PayPal account (my payee address is

You can also take any of my monthly online courses or bring me out to meet and speak with your group or school (I charge $250 plus travel costs, a place to stay, and an opportunity to sell books) or bring me in by live feed (Skype, Facetime, or Google Meetup, at $150/hour). My calendar fills quickly and I am often busy, so you should start discussing plans with me two to six months in advance. If you want to hire me to consult on a project, or research and write something, contact me about terms, but please know I am rarely available and my services are expensive ($150/hour).

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