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Naturalism as a Worldview

Dr. Carrier's book Sense and Goodness without God defends a complete philosophy of life called Naturalism, the view that nature is all there is, with no supernatural powers or beings. Below are essays & links expanding on or defending this book and its conclusions. And in the books to the right (Why I Am Not a Christian, The End of Christianity, and Christianity Is Not Great) Dr. Carrier further proves naturalism is a better explanation of the world we find ourselves in.

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Articles Defending Naturalism

Top Websites for More Information

On Defining Naturalism as a Worldview (2010)
Carrier's formal definition of the natural-supernatural distinction in Free Inquiry magazine.

Naturalism vs. Theism: A Debate (2006)
Carrier defends arguments for naturalism against the attacks of Christian theist Tom Wanchick.

Why I Am Not a Christian (2006)
Discusses evidence that naturalism makes more sense of than Christianity. Also available in print and kindle.

On the Deceptions of David Wood (2005)
Answers David Wood's polemical and dishonest critique of Sense and Goodness without God.

The Commitments of Naturalism (2005)
David Macarthur and Richard Carrier (and others) discuss what naturalism entails.

The Big Debate (2004)
Responds to some attempts to criticize Carrier's defense of Naturalism in a Michigan debate.

Reppert's Argument from Reason (2004)
Comprehensive discussion of my naturalist theory of mind vs. the criticisms of Victor Reppert.

Defending Naturalism as a Worldview (2003)
Refutes Michael Rea's arguments against recommending belief in naturalism.

Steiner's Challenge to Naturalism (2003)
Refutes claim that naturalism cannot explain the success of mathematics in physics.

Is Philosophy Stupid? (2013)
Explains the value, function, and importance of philosophy & naturalism, and their relationship to science.

Odds Against the Origin of Life? (2000)
Refutes claims that natural biogenesis is too improbable to have happened.

The Problem with Miracles (1999)
On why we lack sufficient evidence to believe there are miracles even if they exist.

What's with the Cover?
On why that weird painting was chosen for the cover of Sense and Goodness without God.

Resources for Critical Thinking in the 21st Century
Recommended books, links, and notes on applying logic, Bayesian reasoning, and cognitive science to sound reasoning.

The Secular Web
World's largest online library of writings and resources in defense of the secular and naturalist worldview.

Center for Naturalism
Growing library of essays & links that help illuminate and explain the naturalist worldview and its moral & social consequences.

CSI (formerly CSICOP)
The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry investigates claims that challenge the naturalist worldview.

Apex Naturalism
Online magazine for philosophical naturalists, featuring articles, news, videos and more.

Worldview Web
Brief answers to questions from a Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Atheist perspective. I'm the Atheist, and answer as a Naturalist.

Naturalism Facebook
Facebook resource page on naturalism. Links to websites on practical naturalism.

Stanford Naturalism
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Naturalism (by David Papineau).

Stanford Physicalism
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Physicalism, with extensive ultra-technical discussion of the problems and debates.

Naturalism in the IEP
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Naturalism, brief but peer-reviewed, with bibliography.

Varieties of Naturalism
Philosopher John Shook's analysis of what naturalism is and its different kinds.

Wikipedia on Naturalism
Wikipedia discussion of definition, history & major arguments for and against metaphysical naturalism.

SkeptDic on Naturalism
The Skeptic's Dictionary entry on naturalism, with discussion and links.


Dr. Carrier also discusses aspects of naturalism as a worldview on his blog. See entries indexed under naturalism [old | new], philosophy [old | new], metaphysics [old | new], epistemology [old | new], morality [old | new], aesthetics [old | new], and politics [old | new].

For his top recommended readings in philosophy, see Richard Carrier Recommends.


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