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Almost all the books I have authored myself are available in Audible format (and those not yet there I am working on). Besides that there are many recordings floating around of my talks, debates, interviews and appearances, some available, some not available, some free on YouTube, some sold by third parties, and some lost altogether. I have discussed only some of these on my blog. See the collected entries there on video [old and new] and audio [old and new] including podcasts. There is another list at the Richard Carrier Project: audio and video (in fact if you know of anything that's available but isn't listed there, please contact its site manager).

But these are the best available audio and video recordings...

For Free

Is Philosophy Stupid? (2013): Talk I gave at Skepticon VI, one of my favorites, a thorough take-down of the argument heard from both science and the humanities, that philosophy is useless, makes no progress, and produces no important knowledge.

Bible Study (or Taking the Bible Seriously as Fiction: A Read-Along) (2014): Sunday morning over a bottle of fine scotch I rambled humorously on weird things in the New Testament and how to read the Bible as a literary work and not as literally true. Drunk history, Bible style.

Bayes' Theorem: Lust for Glory! (2011): Talk I gave at Skepticon IV, not bad attempt at summarizing and illustrating Bayes' Theorem and its implications.

Miracles & Historical Method (2012): Talk I gave at Skepticon V, on how to reason skeptically and critically about history, and what it is that historians do, using ancient history and miracles as a fun set of examples.

Did Jesus Even Exist? (2015): A good quality video edition of a basic summary of my findings in On the Historicity of Jesus, a talk given for my major donors to the project at Atheists United, which for me was a lovely cap to the whole six year research program.

Christianity without Jesus (2015): A good quality audio edition (the video is adequate) of a different aspect of the same topic, presented at PAStAHcon (the Pennsylvania State Atheist & Humanist Convention). This time I just assume it's a given that Jesus didn't exist, and answer the question instead of how and why Christianity originated without him.

Are Christians Delusional? (2010): Talk I gave at Skepticon III, one of my best yet, summarizing and illustrating the conclusions of The Christian Delusion, with Q&A. Though I subsequently qualified some of its approach in my article Problems with the Mental Illness Model of Religion.

Give a Damn? Uncut (2008): The full uncut interview I gave for the team producing the innovative documentary Give a Damn? on how (or even whether) we should fight world hunger. They shot an hour of footage, and it best exemplifies what a sitdown Q&A with me is like.

You're All Gonna Die! How the Jews Kept Failing to Predict Doomsday and Caused Christianity Instead (2011): On May 21 of 2011 the world was predicted to end. It didn't. On that very day I gave a talk in Wisconsin on where this idea of doomsday came from and how the very idea of it caused the origin of Christianity. The accompanying slideshow is available online as a PDF (lacking the animations).

Why Science Is Better than Religion and Always Has Been (2008): Talk I gave at a humorous conference (the seminal Skepticon) in which PZ Myers and I were the featured speakers. YouTube video of the event is available along with our joint Q&A. I discuss the content of this on my blog.

So...If Jesus Didn't Exist, Where Did He Come from Then? (2012): My very brief summary of the best case to be made that Jesus didn't exist and why it is more plausible than usually assumed. Only an introduction to the concept, not a comprehensive case. Establishes the framework of the debate. The accompanying slideshow is available online as a PDF (lacking the animations).

Sense and Goodness Without God (2006): Talk I gave on how moral facts follow from scientific facts, drawing from my book of the same title but adding new material and perspective. I discuss the content of this on my blog. A formal and rigorous defense of its argument has now appeared in print as the final chapter of The End of Christianity.

Does God Not Exist? [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] (2004): Famous four-way team debate before an audience of a thousand Muslims. Dan Barker and I defend atheism and naturalism, Hassanain Rajabali and Michael Corey defend God. A free edit is available on YouTube. I discuss and analyze this debate in detail, exposing serious errors or deceptions of our opponents, on The Secular Web.

Polyschizmatic Reprobates Hour: I've done two podcasts for this great show so far. I discuss PRH on my blog. Episodes are available for free: [Season 1 Episode 4] [Season 3 Episode 3] [Season 3 Episode 4]. The first of those is the best interview I've ever done on my book Sense and Goodness without God. Dan Sawyer asks superb questions and keeps the interview interesting all throughout, ranging into rarely discussed topics like my philosophy of aesthetics, or how I differ from other metaphysical naturalists. The second two episodes comprise a two-part lambaste of Rodney Stark's embarrassing forray into ancient history, where I pillory his claim that Christianity made science possible, by educating the listener on the actual historical facts of Greco-Roman science. This culminated in a formal scholarly presentation of the same case in print as the last chapter of The Christian Delusion.

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The God Who Wasn't There. I'm featured only a few times in the main film (including a spot during the credits), but the DVD extras also include extended interviews that many have loved. For more of my thoughts on the film see my blog.

Licona vs. Carrier: On the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In my opinion the best debate on the resurrection I've ever done or seen. Many agreed. Thorough, well-organized exchange. Now for free. We also had an interesting rematch in 2010.


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