Richard Carrier’s FAQs

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Richard Carrier's chapters in The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave (edited by Jeff Lowder and Robert Price: Prometheus, 2005) and other works are as follows. It is assumed the reader has already read the original chapters in their entirety. Those who have read the relevant chapter and its FAQ may submit new questions to Richard Carrier.


Spiritual Body FAQ

Plausibility of Theft FAQ

Burial of Jesus FAQ


For Dr. Carrier's most complete and updated case against the resurrection of Jesus, see his chapters "Why the Resurrection is Unbelievable" in The Christian Delusion (Prometheus: 2010) and "Christianity's Success Was Not Incredible" in The End of Christianity (Prometheus: 2011)

Those who are seeking equivalent material for Richard Carrier's book Sense and Goodness without God (AuthorHouse: 2005) should consult Carrier's webpage: Naturalism as a Worldview