Start the New Year with an Affordable One-Month Course on the Science & Philosophy of Free Will!

Cover of Sam Harris's Book Free Will, which is the course text we will be using next month, red puppet theatre box showing the letters of the title hanging from puppet strings.

Next month (January 2017) I will be teaching my online course on the science & philosophy of free will, my favorite class! Spread the word. Or take the class yourself. Or both! It’s only $69. And there’s no schedule you have to follow. Participate anytime you like, as often or as little as you like.

Why take a class on the science and philosophy of free will?

You’ll find it a fascinating way to introduce yourself to the whole of philosophy, as it touches on everything from semantics to metaphysics to epistemology to political and moral reasoning, even aesthetics (such as through analyzing the lived experience of feeling free or trapped). It even leads you to a better understanding of consent, justice, and responsibility, and the social role and value of personal autonomy, and the substantial reality of what it means to increase your own self actualization, and what it actually takes to do that (and what it actually means to fall short of it), and how social systems can get in our way.

I think these are really good reasons to tell people they might be interested in taking my course, especially if exploring these things with an experienced expert interests them.

You’ll need to have or get a copy (print or electronic) of Sam Harris’s Free Will. We will engage a close reading of that throughout the course, alongside a number of documents and research articles illustrating applications of free will concepts in the real world (from court cases to medical ethics boards), and other philosophical and scientific perspectives. Those other reading materials will all be provided to students for free. Only the one book by Harris you need purchase.

The course officially starts this January 1st.

For a full course description (from the topics studied to how the course works) see here.

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