How to Help

Patreon logo, that says Give $1 per Blog Post, Become a Patron.There are many ways to help me continue my work (besides following me on Twitter or Facebook). If you think the world will be better off with more of my writing and research available to the public, or if you just want to reward those scholars and philosophers you like or value, here are a variety of things you can do:

  • For Direct Support: Send Funds to My PayPal.
  • Otherwise the easiest way to help is to purchase my books or products (at Google Play & Apple and Richard Carrier’s Amusements and Richard Carrier Games). Or recommend them to others. For ideas, see Quick Guide to My Books.
  • Or buy through the links on my website any books & videos I’ve recommended, which I promote on commissions. I have recommendations for learning about Ancient Science, the Origins of Christianity, and Modern Philosophy.
  • To show appreciation and support for my research, writing, and educating, you can also help a lot by becoming a regular patron of my online writing: join my supporters at Patreon. Just a few dollars a month will keep me inspired to excel. Patrons also get to post comments on my blog, and gain other privileges in communicating with me.
  • You can also take any of my monthly online courses. I teach one course every month, and repeat most of them yearly. You do all work and readings on your own time and schedule, and as much or as little as you want. And you get to ask me any and all questions on the course subject.
  • You can also bring me out to meet and speak with your group or school (I charge $200-$300 plus travel, a place to stay, and an opportunity to sell books) or bring me in by live feed (Skype, Facetime, or Google Meetup, at $150/hour). My calendar fills quickly and I’m often busy, so please start discussing plans with me two to six months in advance.

Any one or all of these help me to continue my career, produce information for the public, and find encouragement in both.