Want to Be a Better Philosopher? Come Study the Science & Philosophy of Free Will with Me Next Month!

I think everyone should study this. Looking at free will as a subject gets you practiced in studying every aspect of philosophy and with thinking critically like a philosopher.

Studying free will touches on how to construct a credible non-supernatural metaphysics from the findings of the sciences; on semantics and epistemology, and how you can claim to know things, and what it even is you are claiming to know; on politics and law, as conclusions about consent, autonomy, and free will entail fundamental assumptions in those areas of belief; and obviously also in matters of ethics and moral theory, such as in how we judge responsibility and why, and what we can reasonably expect from people, and how they can be manipulated; it even touches on aesthetics, as the lived experience of living with or without freedom is a fundamental component of human happiness—so what is the difference between those feelings, and why do they matter?

So come join me online next week! Registration is now open. Enter coupon code 2277437 and you might even get a discount!

What Sort of Free Will Are We Supposed to Be Talking About? Who or What Is a Will a Will Of? What Are Praise and Blame / Guilt and Innocence For? What Is Fatalism and Why Is it Bad for You? What Really Is Freedom and Why Do We Want It?

These are some of the questions we will aim to answer in open discussion, after reading an array of interesting documents, from courts of law, medical ethics boards, philosophy journals, psychology journals, neuroscience, and beyond. We will interact with, critique, and test the merits of Sam Harris’s book Free Will, which you will need to purchase for the course (print or digital; a digital edition is fine). All the other readings will be provided for free.

The course is only $79 and lasts one month. You can participate as much or as little as you like. Begins March 1. Registration ends March 10. Use this course to pose all the challenges and ask all the questions you ever wanted of an expert on the matter of free will.

  • More details on the content of the course, and course registration, are here. That plus the course text are all you need.

Join us and let’s have an interesting and educational discussion about both the science and philosophy of this central concept in Western thought, morality, society, and law! Come away from it knowing a whole lot more than you ever did, much of it fascinating and new.

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