I will only participate in public debates if my standard booking requirements are met as well as the following special requirements:

  • You must organize the event. That means securing a reliable, courteous, and professional opponent, a location for the debate, advertising to the local community, sound system or digital slide projection if required, a literature table for sale of my book, portable water for all parties to drink, adequate restroom facilities, parking, and ushering. In short, think ahead. I also require that I be paid the same as my opponent. So if they are too expensive, you will have to talk them down to a lower rate or find someone else.
  • The format of the debate must be settled. The debate format must be clear and fair and agreed upon by both parties well in advance. It cannot be changed at the last minute.
  • The subject of the debate must be settled. Either I or my opponent must declare a position to be defended, and the other will rebut. This position must be stated clearly in a single sentence before I will agree to the debate. And I do not initiate debates. So unless you have an opponent who already chose a topic, you will have to tell me what subject you want to see debated, and find an opponent.
  • Everyone must agree to share all rights to the debate content. I must have at least the emailed agreement from the organizers and my opponent extending to all three parties full non-exclusive rights to the content of the debate, so we can all publish any of it without legal interference from or financial obligation to the other. If anyone will be making a recording of the event (video or audio), I shall need the same documented guarantee from them, in advance, or else negotiating who can sell the recording and under what terms, or where it will be distributed.

You should also, of course, have an idea already of what claim you want to see debated. But if you want suggestions, feel free to ask what my latest interest might be.