Announcing The Richard Carrier Exists Tour!

Photo of a Penske moving truck.I may be visiting your town soon! And I may need your help. I’ll explain in a moment. But here’s the basic idea…

Because Christians don’t understand how evidence works, they’ve literally argued that there is no more evidence for my existence than there is for the existence of Jesus their Christ. Never mind that that’s already wildly false. Here is your chance to see how evidence works, and confirm for yourself, as an eyewitness, that I do indeed exist! No silly hearsay for you anymore. Oh no. This is the real deal. (Jesus, meanwhile, promised he’d be back lickity split, and it’s been nearly 2,000 years, so…)

I am moving to Columbus, Ohio, for good and all this May (2016). And I’m taking a moving truck and towing my car all the way across country from my current and soon past home in Stockton, California, with the assist of some of my girlfriends as relief drivers on different legs of the trip (that’s really above and beyond…I’m extremely grateful!).

It’s a modern day whistle stop tour. I’ll be driving each day from one major city to the next, and giving a talk, or appearing in some public fashion selling and signing my books, and happily chatting and glad-handing and posing for photos for anyone who wants to verify my historicity.

I’m developing tour stops already for Reno, Nevada (Tuesday night, May 24), Omaha, Nebraska (Friday night, May 27), and Kansas City, Missouri (Saturday night, May 28). I’ll announce those details as soon as they are finalized and there is a public page somewhere promoting them.

But here is where I need your help.

I have made all possible efforts to contact organizations and arrange tour stops for Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver, Colorado; and Indianapolis, Indiana. And that hasn’t worked. There is a campus group near SLC that might pull something together for my stop Wednesday night May 25, but I haven’t gotten a confirmation, so I don’t know if that will happen. Indianapolis doesn’t want to compete with Memorial Day parties that Sunday May 29. And Denver just seems not to have been interested for Thursday night May 26.

So anyone who lives in or near those three places and wants to see me make an appearance on the respective date, I’d appreciate any help you can offer to make something happen. I’d love to show up and speak about something, hang out, sell some books…and confirm my historicity with you and all, with photos, or signing odd things, or whatever. Here are some ideas…

For Indianapolis, maybe the best plan would be if there is already a large enough gathering of interested atheists for a Memorial Day party (at least thirty or so!), I could just show up and join you all. As long as I can publicly announce the location, sell books at it, and there’s any alcohol other than beer, I’m golden. So anyone who has a bead on that, let me know! It needn’t be exactly in Indianapolis. Anywhere within an hour’s drive around that epicenter. All the better if you have a place my girlfriend and I can crash for the night (not a requirement, just a hope). And BTW, given what Memorial Day is all about, do recall, as it happens, I am a veteran! Of a war even (I very importantly guarded an estuary in San Diego against Saddam Hussein’s phantom submarine). True, I am not dead. Nor have any fallen comrades. But I’ll have my National Service Medal on hand. And Letters of Commendation. And marksmanship ribbons. They’ll just be in a little box, like a Korean Toe (only Kids in the Hall fans will get that one). I’ll still make a point of calling a solemn toast to those who’ve died for us in service. Because, seriously.

For Denver, I can make anything along the I-25 that’s en route to KC (e.g. Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs). Surely some group out there wants to be in on this historic(ity) event! If you want me to deliver a lecture, my only charge is $200 (negotiable). If it’s a party, and I don’t have to work, it’s free (see Indianapolis above for requirements). And I am also looking for anyone with a guest room for my girlfriend and I to stay that night.

For Salt Lake City, or anything within an hour’s drive of SLC, the same.

Anyone who has offers, ideas, anything helpful, email me. If we can pull something together, I’ll appreciate it!

NOTE: Subjects I speak on are listed at the bottom of my booking page here.

UPDATE: I now have my completed tour-stop list, with info on each talk or appearance now linked. It’s as follows: 

(I won’t be appearing in Indianapolis this trip. But I may in future.)

Thanks for everyone’s help!


  1. Richard Johnson April 18, 2016, 1:52 am

    If you find yourself in San Diego, you will always have a place to stay. My wife and I will aways welcome you and your family. We have a guest apartment. and you’re welcome to it. Just let us know when you need it. Of course, we’re sorry to see you moving farther away. But perhaps it’s God’s will. Those people in Ohio need you more! Good luck!

  2. Richard Carrier is a euhemerized historian created by third millennium skeptics to give credentials and authority to Doherty’s writings.

  3. EnlightenmentLiberal April 18, 2016, 8:06 pm

    Nooo! Without you living near me, the number of talks of yours that I can attend in-person will be drastically diminished! Won’t you think of the poor (actually rich) stranger who you only met like 3 times!


    I wish you the best.

  4. moarscienceplz April 18, 2016, 8:24 pm

    I have memories of meeting someone who claimed to be Richard Carrier at least three times, but then human memory is a highly fallible construct, and I was drinking each time, so I am probably delusional. But nonetheless, I too am sad that the odds of forming more false memories of meeting Dr. Carrier have decreased for me.

    Good luck, Richard!

  5. Dave Barnard April 21, 2016, 1:50 am

    I read the article on your blog about the Erhman / Carrier debacle.

    A rich man once told me , you don’t get rich by accident , especially if you had to work for it. That statement didn’t make complete sense until I read the above mentioned article. We know what Bart’s credentials are and that he is an expert in his field. For him to draw the conclusions he does based on the evidence he is aware of means that he is trying to sound luke warm to Christians . What I mean by that is that he is deliberately giving Christians a glimmer of hope that Jesus existed so that hopefully Christians will buy his book and quote him in their church or talks to give credence to their cause. The Christians will start off mentioning Erhman’s credentials and then state how even this “highly respected agnostic Bible scholar” believes in the historicity of Jesus.

    As an academic his view point actually undermines his other work as it brings into question his true motives for other major conclusions he has come to iro Christianity. Is Bart refusing to state the obvious so that his views can reach a broader audience ? I cant say for certain . But he sure is making a lot of money out of whatever misinformation he is spreading .

    It just goes to show , if you preach bullshit and confirm whatever people want you to confirm you can make a lot of money from it.

    If the early writers of Christianity wrote gospels without miracles no one would have retained it . Human beings want the bullshit . It feeds their fantasy addiction.


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