Tour Stops the Week Before the Milwaukee Debate!

Mark your calendars! I’ll be in Bloomington, Indiana; Chicago & Peoria, Illinois; and La Crosse, Wisconsin. Because we have our four winners! The chosen contestants will receive tickets to the Ehrman-Price debate in Milwaukee for the Friday of October 21 (2016). But during the week leading up to that, anyone in or around those other cities can also come have a drink with me at a local establishment, chat about anything for a few hours, and even buy some books and have them signed.

I’ll be at each venue from 6 to 9pm:

Sunday 16 October: Bloomington (IN)  at Nick’s English Hut (423 East Kirkwood Ave.)

Monday 17 October: Chicago (IL) at Monk’s Pub (205 West Lake St.)

Tuesday 18 October: Morton (near Peoria, IL) at Patrick O’Flaherty’s Irish Pub and Eatery (201 East Ashland St.)

Wednesday 19 October: La Crosse (WI) at Java Vino (2311 State Rd.)


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