Thanksgiving Pubmeets All Across the Southwest!

I’m going to be making a monster drive to California and back, four days each way. I’ll have a ton of books in stow. Not literally; surely their gross weight will be substantially less than a ton. But in any case, many. This will happen the week before and the week after Thanksgiving.

I’m going to stop in six cities, plus another in California. At each one I’ll spend a few hours at a local pub buying drinks and kicking back in the evening. All are welcome who want to come by and chat with me, maybe buy a book or two and get it signed, and hang out with me and whoever else comes for the same. The only requirement is being courteous to all in our company. We can talk history, philosophy, politics, ancient science, polyamory, or about any of my published work, or even your own thing—I love meeting people in new places and hearing their life stories, experiences, and perspectives, and getting a feel from them for the local culture and politics, and the diverse passions of humanity. (Also, for those who are intrigued by such things, by coincidence, the evening I’ll be in Little Rick is my birthday.)

No organization is sponsoring this. It’s just me making my own promotional drive tour to meet people, see the world, and maybe earn some gas money by selling my wares. I’ll be at the bar, or at a table conversing with folks, with a rollaway suitcase. If you can’t find me, check my Twitter or Facebook feeds, I’ll be announcing where I am there. Come on up and say hi!

My tour stops will be:

St. Louis (MO) – Friday 18 November (2016) – 7:30pm (to 10pm) at the Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar (1004 Locust St.)

Oklahoma City (OK) – Saturday 19 November (2016) – 7:30pm (to 10pm) at The Barrell (4308 North Western Ave.)

Albuquerque (NM) – Sunday 20 November (2016) – 7:30pm (to 10pm) at O’Neill’s in Nob Hill (4310 Central Ave. SE)

Claremont (CA) – Monday 28 November (2016) – 7:30pm (to 10pm) at The Whisper House (502 West 1st St.)

Flagstaff (AZ) – Tuesday 29 November (2016) – 7:30pm (to 10pm) at Uptown Pubhouse (114 North Leroux St.)

Amarillo (TX) – Wednesday 30 November (2016) – 7:30pm (to 10pm) at Public House (3333 S. Coulter St.)

North Little Rock (AR) – Thursday 1 December (2016) – 7:30pm (to 10pm) at Crush Wine Bar (318 Main St.)

Spread the word if you know anyone who’d be interested!

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