Solstice & My Birthday Month: Patrons for the New Year?

If you appreciate my work, consider becoming a patron of my blog on Patreon, for as little as a dollar a month! There are perks. And it keeps me going, generating quality content.

Three big holidays hit all in a month this time of year for me: my birthday was the 1st, Christmas is the 25th, and New Year’s Eve of course, comes right before the 1st of January. The birthday and Christmas gifts I’d like the most this year would be more Patreon supporters in 2017. That would help me continue to produce articles that strive for excellence and detail that can be cited and used in your interactions and debates with others, and for your own personal thought and growth.

Check out my last few blog posts as representative of what all this support helps create!

Patrons also get privileges:

  • Patrons get the privilege of posting comments on my blog, a privilege I no longer extend to just anyone—and if you use the same email address here as you use at Patreon, your comments don’t go to moderation but publish immediately.
  • Patrons can send me recommendations of what to blog about in future, and though I don’t cover everything suggested, I give patron requests top consideration.
  • You can claim patron privilege in all communications online (email and private messaging), guaranteeing I’ll answer your questions.
  • You can claim patron privilege on Facebook friend requests (just message me so I know; only friends can post comments on my wall, but anyone can message me).
  • You can claim patron privilege to hang out if you meet me in person.

All for just a dollar or a few a month.

And there are even more rewards that can be unlocked. See both margins on my Patreon page!

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