Speaking at Ohio State University in Columbus

My talk entitled “Philosophy’s Not Dead: Why Scientists Need Philosophy & How Philosophers Need Science,” with Q&A after and the selling and signing of my books, will be delivered on Tuesday, February 21 (2017) from 11:30am-12:30pm in 107 Parks Hall at the OSU campus in Columbus (Ohio), sponsored by the Division of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. (And that’s the correct time. The campus calendar item should be updated soon—and any other updates should appear there as well). Mark your own calendars! And spread the word, to anyone you know near Columbus who might be interested.

My new book Science Education in the Early Roman Empire will be among the titles I’ll be selling after the talk.

The gist of the talk will be:

Scientists like Stephen Hawking and Lawrence Krauss have declared philosophy useless and dead. Is it? Dr. Carrier, a philosopher and historian, explains what actually is wrong with philosophy, but what is still right with philosophy, how science and philosophy are related and demarcated, and the ways scientists need to take philosophy more seriously, while philosophers need to pay more attention to science, demonstrating how both endeavors can benefit from learning something from the other.

It will build on my previous talk Is Philosophy Stupid? And it will be directed more at scientists and philosophers and what they should be doing to work together and better acquaint each other with their respective fields.


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