Update: I’ll Be Speaking in Michigan in April

Susan Jacoby was originally slated to speak at the Birmingham Temple Congregation for Humanistic Judaism the evening before the Michigan Atheists Conference this year. But alas, she had to reschedule to speak the Friday before that (the 21st of April, 2017). I’ve been asked to replace her on April the 28th. So I’ll be speaking at the Temple that night, on why we all need to have basic philosophical skills, and what we should be doing with them. I will then be tabling and selling my books the next day at the conference as I originally announced. I will have Sense and Goodness without God in stock, and all six of the other books I’ve written.

Details on this new talk (time, location, etc.) are here.

The official description:

How and Why We All Should Be Good Philosophers

Honing our philosophical skills is important. We need them for building a coherent, evidence-based worldview to guide and center us, and that we can allow to change as we learn or realize new things. What skills do we need? How can we develop them? What should we do with them? Richard Carrier, Ph.D., author of Sense and Goodness without God, will outline the basics with entertaining examples.

This is sponsored by the Congregation for Humanistic Judaism, Michigan Atheists, and the Humanists of Southeast Michigan.

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