Toronto, Regina, Michigan, Milwaukee: Make Your Plans & Get Tickets Now!

I’ll be speaking across numerous cities this year after July. Four at least are ticketed events, so you should make plans now (see below for what that entails). Don’t worry, though. They’re totally affordable. But do not expect video of these events to go online later. Going might be the only way to see them. Here are the details…

Regina, SK: First up is the evening of Friday, August 18. I’ll be speaking and taking questions on “The Myth of Christian Philanthropy” for the Centre for Inquiry (CFI) Regina, at the Bushwakker Brewing Company (2206 Dewdney Avenue). I’ll be discussing both modern studies of Christian charity and the true ancient origins of the concept. Speech at 7:30; meet and greet starts at 6:30. For this one, tickets are not being sold in advance (they’ll be sold at the door, and are half price for CFI Canada members), but you should log in to Facebook (if you have an account there) and go to this event’s Facebook page right away if you plan to go, and click “Going” so they know how many they are expecting and can adjust the venue if needed. I’ll be selling and signing books at the event.

Toronto, ON: Next up is the evening of Thursday, August 24. I’ll be speaking and taking questions on “Why The Gospels Are Fiction” for Reality Revolutions, at the Northern District Library, in the Gwen Liu room upstairs (40 Orchard View Blvd.). I’ll be discussing the many features of the Gospels that peg them as fiction and not history or historical biography, their characteristics as mythology and historical fiction from parallels of the time, as well as their deviations from the characteristics of ancient rational historical writing, also in comparison to texts of the same era. Event starts at 7. For this one, you need to get a ticket in advance. They are being sold through EventBrite. I’ll be selling and signing books at the event.

Canton, MI: Then comes the afternoon of Friday, September 15. I’ll be joining the renowned iconoclast Robert Price and our Muslim host Ehteshaam Gulam in a panel discussion on religion, from 2:30-7:00 pm (including audience questions and book signing), at the Hampton Inn Hotel in Canton (1950 N. Haggerty Rd., Canton, Michigan). Then we will all go out for pizza after! Tickets are not being sold in advance, but there will be a $10 admission to cover the cost of the venue (and you can RSVP with the Michigan Atheists; they aren’t sponsoring the event, but are coordinating attendance among their members and others interested in knowing about their organization). Price, Gulam, and I will be ranging over many topics, including the intersection of religion and pop culture, and we all have very different perspectives (an Ontological Naturalist, a “Christian Atheist,” and a mainstream American Muslim), so it will definitely be something you have never seen before! I’ll be selling and signing books at the event. Price will not have any books for sale (the logistics are not amenable); so if you already have a book by him (or think right now to go buy one), make a note on your calendar to bring it to get it signed!  [Canceled]

Milwaukee, WI: I’ve already written all about the upcoming MythinformationCon IV, on Saturday, September 30. You can get all the details there. It’s awesome! You should definitely get tickets now. The venue is locked-in and limited, and was packed last year, so they actually could sell out. I won’t be giving a talk at this one, but I’ll be tabling, selling and signing books the whole event, and attending all the VIP and donor parties.


A peek at what else is coming: those two Canada stops are part of a massive twelve-city tour of Canada I’ll be doing in August. I’m still developing events at the other cities; I’ll announce the other ten once plans are settled. Before that will be a cross-country US tour. And after that will be stops in Eerie, PA, in late August, and in some Midwestern states on my way to MythinformationCon IV, in late September. I’m also working up a California tour in October. So keep your eye on my feeds! Those other events and cities will be announced soon.


  1. Richard Martin June 5, 2017, 12:02 pm

    Hi Richard. Will you be coming to Montreal or Ottawa or anywhere else in eastern Canada?

    1. Not this time. I very much want to though. I did Ottawa some years ago. But would love to return. And I haven’t done East of that at all, so it’s definitely on my list. Very good chance I’ll do an Eastern Canada tour next year.


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