Folks in Canada! Do You Have a Couch I Can Crash on?

Or a bed. Because I’m about to do a massive twelve city tour across Canada this August, driving my own car, from city to city, through five provinces!

I’ll announce all my tour stops soon. And I’ve already procured accommodations from kind folks in several places. But I’m hoping to find a few more kind folks in places I haven’t found a place to stay. I’ll appreciate it immensely.

So, if you live in any of the following cities, and wouldn’t mind letting me crash at your place for a night, let me know!

  • Vancouver, BC
  • Kenora, ON
  • Thunder Bay, ON
  • Sault Ste. Marie, ON

I’ll also be hitting other cities in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. But those I’ve got covered I think.

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