How to Get Free Tickets to the Milwaukee Mythinformation Con!

It’ll be an awesome conference this September! And I have tickets to give away. Two general admission tickets, each worth $55; and two VIP tickets, each worth $125 (and this year’s VIP list is pretty impressive, so those tickets are gold). All Facebook users have a shot at them.

Anyone who’d like to apply for one, message me on Facebook with a brief but amusing case for why I should tender you one. Try to impress or convince me. Honesty and cleverness work best; humor helps; flirting, only if you mean it. I’ll consider all appeals and make a choice within two weeks of today (only the chosen will hear from me; I’ll message them back on July 28).

Even if you aren’t interested, please share this announcement far and wide! Someone in your social network might like to know about this opportunity.

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