Want Me to Visit Your Town in California? Here’s How!

This October I have two engagements in California a couple weeks or so apart (in Sacramento and Fresno, details here). I’d love to do talks or pubmeets elsewhere in the state in between (or after).

So anyone in California who wants me to appear in their town: if you can put me up for the night (bed or couch), and I can fit it into my schedule, I’ll do a pubmeet in your town!

If you want me to do a full talk and Q&A, then find out if your local atheist, humanist, skeptic, or freethought organization, or campus group is interested, and have them contact me. My speaking fee for this tour is very affordable and negotiable.

Either way, let me know!

I can be reached by Facebook Messenger or Email.



    1. Yes. Not only did I show he doesn’t know what he is talking about, but in following comments there, as he struggles to rescue himself, I and others continue to show he has no idea what he is talking about.

      A note to all my readers:

      (1) My blog has a search box, right margin. If you have questions like this (“have you responded to this guy?”), please use that search box first. Only if you don’t find what you are looking for, should you then ask me about something like this. And you can ask me by email. My website has a “Contact” link at the bottom of the About page (and the About page is one of the top menu items). You don’t need to post comments on the blog itself.

      (2) And please, when asking a question like this, please, please explain why I should care. There are hundreds and thousands of idiots who post garbage they think answers me, that in fact doesn’t, and isn’t worth anyone’s time, much less mine. Video especially is a waste of almost everyone’s time; give me a timestamp to jump to for something specific, otherwise I am not wasting half an hour listening to some babble that gets nowhere. But whether video or text, I need to have a good reason why I should devote the limited time I have to “this” one rather than the thousands of others I shall never have time to even notice much less answer.

      (3) Finally, please be aware: 99.9% of all “rebuttals” of me are already refuted by my work. 99.9% of my critics don’t even read my work, and don’t even know their arguments are fully refuted there (Fishers is a prominent example). So please also check first: do they say anything that actually responds to things I’ve written on the subject, that isn’t already refuted in that very writing. For example, if they are making claims about my mathematical model of historical reasoning, please make sure you’ve read Proving History and can tell me a critic says something that isn’t already refuted there. Otherwise, if the book already refutes them, you don’t need to ask me what my response to them is. You already know. And that’s why I write books. Precisely to save me the time, by making everything available to you in one place. Do please milk that asset as much as you can! That’s what it’s there for.


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