Pubmeets & Events Across the U.S. This October & November!

I’ll be appearing in numerous cities the next two months. And I’ll have plenty of books on hand. So if you want to hang out, talk history or philosophy, get a book signed, mark your calendars if you’re in or near any of the following:

  • Laramie, Wyoming – Oct. 5 (Thursday)

I’ll be at the Third Street Bar from 7-9pm having drinks and happy to talk and hang out with anyone.

  • Logan, Utah – Oct. 6 (Friday)

I’ll be speaking on “What We Really Know about the Origins of Christianity and Its Earliest Literature” at 5:30pm (with talk, Q&A, and sales until 8pm) in the auditorium of Taggart Student Center on the USU campus for the USU SSA (details here). We might go out for drinks after (watch my Twitter or Facebook feeds after the event for where).

  • Sacramento, CA – Oct. 14-15 (Saturday-Sunday)

Freethought Day! I’ll be attending the donor party Saturday and festival Sunday. Details here.

  • Los Angeles (Valley Village), CA – Oct. 19 (Thursday)

I’ll be at The Fifth (on Whitsett) from 7-10pm having drinks and happy to talk and hang out with anyone. Valley Village is between North Hollywood and Studio City. So it’s in the LA area, just over the hill from UCLA.

  • Fresno, CA – Oct. 28 (Saturday)

Heretics BBQ! I’ll be tabling and speaking. Details here.

  • Henderson, NV – Oct. 31 (Tuesday)

Halloween pubmeet! I’ll be in full cowboy leather slave outfit. I shit you not. So if you want to see that, join me at the Hi-Scores Bar-Arcade in Henderson (on Stephanie) from 7-9pm. That’s a close suburb of Las Vegas, out-of-towners, so you could stop by for a bit there and then hit the strip later if you’re so inclined. I’ve left that evening open, so after 9 I may be up for anything. But until then I’ll be playing 80s video games to 80s music! And yes, I’ll have books!

  • Las Vegas, NV – Nov. 1 (Wednesday)

Then I’ll be speaking on ancient science in Vegas the next evening for the Center for Science and Culture. Full details here.

  • Roswell, NM – Nov. 6 (Monday)

I’ll be having drinks at Billy Ray’s Restaurant & Lounge (118 E. 3rd.) from 7-9pm and happy to talk and hang out with anyone.

  • Austin, TX – Nov. 8 (Wednesday)

I’ll be at Sherlock’s Baker Street Pub (on Research Boulevard…I kid you not) from 7-9pm having drinks and happy to talk and hang out with anyone.

  • Nashville, TNNov. 12 (Sunday)

I’ll be attending the Nashville Sunday Assembly. I’ll have books in tow, so if you want to get some, come enjoy some Sunday Assembly, and talk to me there after. I might hang out somewhere else after where anyone would be welcome to join me (I can’t be sure yet). Watch my Twitter or Facebook feeds after the event in case I do (and for where I’ll be).

Nashville area: If you’re local, join the major atheist meetups now, for a possible special private party invite for Saturday night (Nov. 11). I’m in for that. And I’ll have plenty of books to sell at that if you want to get some signed. But I’m growing home sick after months of touring, so I probably won’t be doing the Sunday Assembly. Instead I might just sleep in and drive home to Columbus Sunday. It’s been wonderful driving all over North America for several months. But exhausting!


  1. Denis Gaudreau September 11, 2017, 10:57 am

    Hello Dr Carrier from Quebec, Canada. I’ve seen your lecture in Manitoba and was great. I love the fact that you maintain a minimal mythicism view. I’m agnostic

    I still think the man was real but like you said all evidence are lost, unless we fell on an another Nag Hammadi dating from 1st century BC to the time of his life or on one of these other sects that said he never lived as a human being. Otherwise we will never know for sure.

    I also seen a video lately about the hypothesis that Jesus was the portrayal of 2 or 3 individuals that lived in Jerusalem – Palestine in the 1st century, like Maximus in the movie Gladiator. What is your view on that possibility, that Jesus was created like a national hero that went agaisnt Pharisees and the Jewish autorities, a little bit like the Ben Hur novel ???

    1. The Gospels did build Jesus out of a lot of characters, both historical and fictional, and did so to represent an ideal hero as a model to teach from. But the analogy probably breaks down from there. Ben Hur was never sold as historically true, nor written allegorically.


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