Debating Jesus: A Course on Mastering the Subject!

Starting November 1, I will be teaching online my course on the historicity of Jesus!

If you want to really master this subject, and learn the best arguments and evidence for both sides of that debate; if you want to learn how to critique and destroy mythicism, or historicity; if you have burning questions, uncertainties, things you want better explained; if you want to debate the subject with an expert or study the subject under one; this is the course for you!

Even if you aren’t interested in historicity, this course is an excellent way to get introduced to the source materials and cultural and religious context of Christian origins. So join even for that!

Let anyone else know who might be interested as well, whether they are die-hard historicists or interested mythicists or sitting on the fence and unsure what to think, or just want to learn more about the origins of Christianity and its earliest sources, so we can get a lively participation and see the widest benefit in disseminating this knowledge.

Registration is now openĀ here.

You need also to procure some version of the required course text, On the Historicity of Jesus. Everything else will be provided in the course.

We will go through OHJ in detail, and compare it to some other materials, sources, and analyses. You’ll have every opportunity to ask every question you ever had about the content of OHJ. But also any other question imaginable about the whole subject.

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