See Me in Canton, Michigan, with Robert Price!

Muslim YouTuber Ehteshaam Gulam has rescheduled his panel talk between him and Robert Price and myself for Saturday January 13 (2018). Tickets and details are now on EventBrite.

Politics, religion, and pop culture will be the topic. Including current events, and superhero films, comics, and lore. A conservative, a liberal, a centrist, a Muslim, an atheist Christian, and a secular humanist? With extensive audience Q&A? I somehow think this can’t fail to be interesting at the very least. Plus there will be a mixer after as we all feast on pizza.

It’s 3-7pm at the Extended Stay America Hotel Detroit-Canton
(2000 Haggerty Road). Just $20 to attend. I’ll have plenty of books to sell and sign as well. Including for the first time my newest title, The Scientist in the Early Roman Empire!


  1. Dr. Carrier,

    Is the event occurring on Saturday the 13th or Friday the 12th? The link in your article contradicts your own statement.

    I suspect your lodging has already been provided for, but in the off-chance that it has not, please know that you are more than welcome to stay in my apartment, free of charge. I live and attend school in Ann Arbor.

    1. Yeah. There is something wrong with the EventBrite page. I’ve notified the event organizer. Both the date and the venue are incorrect there. My blog says the correct ones so far as I know. Bummer. I realize you might not be able to attend if it’s Saturday. But I’m pretty sure that’s when the organizer has arranged it. I’ll update the above article if I hear otherwise.


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