Last Minute Christmas Shopping? Check Out My New Amazon Store!

Amazon eliminated its astore feature. But I’m still an Amazon Associate. So here I am, recommending a whole slew of books for commissions on the sale if I can tempt you to buy any! I’ve built my own stores. Smaller. A lot fewer books listed. But the core essentials are there. Of course, I’m selling all of my own books, and several books I’ve contributed hearty chapters to. You can find a complete list of those on my Get Books page. But I also have a bunch of recommendations in three different areas of knowledge: understanding the origins of Christianity and its literature; becoming a capable and informed philosopher; and learning about ancient science and technology. You might find some of them suitable gifts for someone you know. Or if you have gift cards and credits to spend on Amazon come Christmas time, maybe you’ll want some of them yourself!

So check out…


  1. Kenneth Thomas December 14, 2017, 2:30 am

    Speaking of your books, have you considered writing a concise version of OHJ for a mass audience?

    I think your writing style in OHJ is easy to read and accessible, but I think most people would find the size a little daunting.

  2. Dee Emarr December 15, 2017, 1:16 pm

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that your recommendation pages don’t seem to be working. It’s possible it’s an issue on my end, but I cleared my browser cache and it still doesn’t seem to work. On all three pages it goes straight from “I highly recommend these:” to “I also have recommendations in [other categories]” with nothing in between.

    1. It sounds like you have some sort of extreme ad blocker turned on. There are a ton of Amazon “book cover” links in the blank between that your browser isn’t rendering for some reason. They render fine on every browser I’ve tested. So I can’t diagnose the problem without being physically at your terminal, but most likely you are using Chrome (?), and you have an Ad Blocker in the Extensions somewhere (I don’t know how you find it, but it has settings, and I think you can keep it on, but set my domain of to be immune; I don’t put any ads on my site except those I create myself, and they are never video or audio ads, or popups, or any of those annoying things, so you should be okay). Even if you aren’t using Chrome, your browser may still have an Adblocker extension somewhere with settings you can fiddle. Honestly, Adblockers shouldn’t be blocking ordinary static image links. But bad design is a plague in browserland these days.


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