Neat Podcast Discussion on Free Will: Cameron Reilly for Sam Harris and I for Daniel Dennett

I had a fascinating & amicable discussion about the science and philosophy of free will. Cameron Reilly sides with Sam Harris (“there is no free will because it’s incompatible with determinism”) and I with Daniel Dennett (“there is a kind of free will that is compatible with determinism”). We discuss their debate; we both make important points; and we agree on most of it. A lot that’s important to society comes up.‬ You’ll see why the concept matters, and why it’s important for us to be discussing it. Especially now, as many things, like correctly comprehending sexual consent, and the power to control minds through propaganda and influence, and the need for prison reform, are becoming more urgent worldwide. Check out our special podcast discussion. And maybe continue to sample Reilly’s podcast, which usually ranges over the ancient history of the Roman emperors!

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