Speaking Near Detroit on April 1

I’ll be delivering a talk and Q&A on “What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us?” for the Michigan Atheists at The Birmingham Temple Congregation for Humanistic Judaism (28611 W 12 Mile Rd., Farmington Hills, Michigan) on Sunday, April 1, from 5 PM to 8 PM.

The subtitle is “Discovering the Pagan Foundations of Modern Democracy, Science, and Freethought,” and the official talk description is:

Did you know the U.S. Constitution is based in part on principles advocated in the Roman Republic? That the modern concept of human rights derives from Roman developments in Greek philosophy? Including our ideals of freedom of speech, thought, and inquiry. Did you know modern science is built on ideas the Romans were advancing Greek science with? Including liberation from dogmatism, an emphasis on experiments, opposition to pseudoscience, and promoting scientific progress and the unification of the sciences. Learn more about all of this from Dr. Richard Carrier, whose Columbia University doctorate is in the intellectual history of the early Roman Empire.

There’s a suggested $10 donation.

And after the talk, and after the Q&A, we’ll head out to Ram’s Horn to eat.

Please RSVP at the Meetup page.

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