Some Reasons You Might Want to Take My April Course…

Following are several testimonials of past students of my monthly online courses. Starting this Sunday, I’ll be teaching Building a Godless Worldview, a complete introduction to philosophy as an practical activity and not just a historical subject. For details, description, and registration see my announcement. Registration remains open the whole week. It’s study-at-your-own-pace, you can ask questions and participate as much or as little as you want, but it’s a great opportunity to ask an expert all the questions you can imagine, and get briefed on all kinds of foundational ideas for building a sound evidence-based worldview and debating philosophical issues with Christians and even fellow atheists.

I teach several courses in philosophy and ancient history. Here are what some of my students have said:

  • “I’ve never participated in a higher learning environment and to have a professor advise me directly has been a true delight!” Neal L.
  • “Dr. Carrier provides a wealth of supplementary material. His courses stimulate discussions between students as well as between the teacher and the student. Be ready to learn something new and to see things through many different viewpoints.” Marvin E.
  • “Richard provided thorough responses to the questions that arose during my classes with him. His knowledge of philosophical thought is well known. In his classes he spots where your thinking has gone off track and provides you with a course correction. You will be challenged and always encouraged to think for yourself.” John W.
  • “I have taken a number of Richard’s courses and loved them all. Talk about value! The quality of these courses far exceeds the price of tuition. I never really understood the free will debate until I took Richard’s course on it. And Richard’s arguments in favor of a non-theistic worldview are original, penetrating, and rock solid. I always found Richard to be appreciative of student responses, while challenging students to broaden and deepen their thinking every step of the way.” Wayne T.
  • “These courses are very well designed and affordable. The discussion from students and teachers is engaging. There is supplemental material offered to aid the students in their learning. … [T]he courses are very well designed so that I learned a lot from others just by reading their questions and Dr. Carrier’s responses. When I did finally get the courage to engage in the discussion I found all participants to be very kind and helpful.”  Julie T.
  • “I should say from the start that I disagree with him… Having said that, I really enjoyed the course, felt compelled to take part in the discussions and saw many aspects I had not considered before. So, it made me a better defender of a thesis contrary to the course. All in all, a stimulating intellectual exercise.” Anton D.
  • “Richard has developed the skills to get you thinking critically about ‘what everyone believes’ and how you should temper your own beliefs and principles by scientifically and philosophically valid methods of inquiry. The ability to interact directly with Richard and to get specific and detailed feedback and criticism of your thinking and reasoning along with suggestions for improvement are priceless. These courses are well worth the investment in time, effort, and money. I recommend them for anyone with the enthusiasm to learn from the best exponent of critical thinking in today’s connected world.” Richard M.
  • “I highly recommend taking Dr. Carrier’s online classes.  I have taken two and found them very informative. The format allows for a tailor-made approach to each individual student’s particular interests, concerns and understanding. It’s a beneficial and enjoyable learning experience with the opportunity to learn more in a short period of time than you will often get out of a whole semester in a university setting.” William F.
  • “I found Richard to be very generous of his time. It is clear he cared for every one in the group to get the most out of it and provided rich and valuable feedback. To be honest, I didn’t expect nearly as much dedication. I also found the reading material and weekly exercises to be of excellent quality. Overall, I would highly recommend anyone wanting to sharpen their mind to take an online course with Richard. It was well worth it!” Bernard L.
  • “Dr. Carrier’s course was a comprehensive review of all of the best evidence to date on the history of Jesus. This encompassed everything from a review of the New Testament books to all of the early Christian authors who are typically presented as evidence for Jesus. This included comparison and contrasting with pagan literature and mythology of the time. Both sides of the debate are discussed in an objective and scholarly manner.” David O.
  • “I took the New Testament course. Expertly curated introductory material like historical surveys and methodological overviews. A great way to get acquainted with some standard tools of the trade, like the Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament, that might not otherwise be on your radar. Encouraging and incisive feedback on all your work. Highly recommended!” Chris C.

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