Monster on Sunday! (with Shelley Segal & Steve Hill in San Diego, August 7)

Flyer for the upcoming show discussed in the blog. In addition to the details mentioned there, shows photos of all the artists performing at the event, but otherwise contains all the same info included in the blog text.Earlier this year I got to party on the town with a gaggle of groovy atheist activists in San Diego. And among them was the cool new musical duo Monster on Sunday, Steve and Tally Cass. The both of them were awesome and beautiful company. And I was really keen to hear their first album. Not only because there is a dearth of good hip new atheism-anthem music, but also a dearth of real hard rock in general…

Groups today like Rival Sons and The Black Angels are lesser known yet really take me back. I grew up in the late 70s and 80s when rock was rock. Black Sabbath. Led Zeppelin. Def Leppard. Styx. Romeo Void. Concrete Blonde. This was the background music of my day, playing on school jukeboxes and booming out of neighborhood muscle car radios. Monster on Sunday is like a long cool breath of that glorious past. They ride on the edge of a rugged metal sound but hit strong notes of anthem and classic hard rock. Their songs would fit right into any rock-tracked cult film from the 80s (The Hidden, Repo Man, River’s Edge, Heavy Metal).

They recently let me hear their entire new album, at final production quality, and I wasn’t just wowed with nostalgia, I was impressed. The tracks get better from start to finish. Tally makes rank as a hard hitting rock singer. The music and instrumentation is the rival of any. And it all speaks to atheists, from “God Is Dead” and “Christian Terrorist” to “Believe in Yourself” and “Stardust.” If you like the concept and sound I’ve described, you will definitely want their album. Or at least go hear them play?

Well, now you can. Monster on Sunday will be headlining a triple bill with the already lovable and beloved singer and musician Shelley Segal (whose own forthcoming new album is already sounding awesome) and the ever-provocative comedian Steve Hill (who has also, BTW, run for the California state senate). Sponsored by the San Diego Coalition of Reason, the show will be on at the Ramona Mainstage (626 Main St., Ramona, CA), doors open to all ages (alcohol requires ID) at 7pm. Advance tickets are $15. $20 at the door. Billed as the Atheist Hard Rock Album Release Show, they’ll be playing songs from their debut album Baby Eater. You’ll also get tunes, I expect new and old, played by Shelley Segal, and comedy from Steve Hill. So that night might be so awesome even I have to get down there.


P.S. For those who want softer or harder music, take note. For an even harder metal sound, definitely nostalgia inducing, but more in the direction of Slayer or Judas Priest, there is another new explicitly atheist band on the scene: Predator. Based in Florida, their albums are available at Amazon now. (When Monster on Sunday‘s album releases, I’ll announce that, too, and add links here for them as well.) For a softer sound, you’ll want Shelley Segal’s new album, which is coming soon. But you can hear her first single from it here. Her sound is a fuller, softer, singer-songwriter style, and really good. You can find her previous albums (a lot of which is atheist-themed) on iTunes and wherever else all the music is sold.


  1. Terry Bollea July 2, 2015, 10:43 pm

    I listened to the songs on their website-good stuff. Another atheist band you should check out is called A.C..or AxCx (i believe itt stands for atheists with a conscience). It is atheist hard rock music with a focus on social justice. Even though they are from the early 90s, they addressed subjects like domestic abuse, homophobia, disabilities, and racism. Their lead singer (Seth Putnam) was a damn good philosopher before he tragically passed away a few vyears ago( I think he was a student of the great G.G. Allin). Anyways, if you like your music with a touch of atheism and social justice, you should definitely check them out.

  2. Mattias Davidsson July 4, 2015, 5:23 am

    Not sure if it is atheistic music, but devin townsend describes some if his music as “apocalyptic”. Also check out his old band young strap lad. Great summer head banging.

  3. moarscienceplz July 6, 2015, 3:16 pm

    the ever-provocative comedian Steve Hill (who’s also, BTW, running for the California state senate)

    Richard, that links to a Friendly Atheist entry dated February 19, 2015 which says that the special election has a date of March 17. So unless Hemant accidentally left off 2016 from that date, it looks like that election done come and gone.


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